Fwd: You Left Me No Choice

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Fwd: You Left Me No Choice

Postby Mike McCarthy » Thu Aug 27, 2015 2:21 pm


To: rickbernstein@fehuproductions.com
To: sharon@crrm.org

Rick and Sharon,

I didn't want you guys to feel left out. More importantly, I don't want somebody in the future asking why you were left off the distro of the original email.

(The answer is that for some reason Thunderbird would only let me enter three addresses. Now I'm simply playing catchup after having forgotten to correct the situation.)


-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: You Left Me No Choice
Date: Thu, 06 Aug 2015 13:18:02 -0600
From: Mike McCarthy <mike@impactphotoart.com>
To: Donald Tallman <donald@crrm.org>, jack@crrm.org, Donald Tallman <Donaldtallman@comcast.net>, alanno@comcast.net


I would have left you guys alone -- I really would have. My wife agreed
that all we needed to do was protect my reputation, and that we should
not sit in judgment on anyone.

Regrettably, there is a rule of long standing in intelligence work.
(Fifty years ago I was cleared Top Secret for NSA and ARPA stuff.) The
rule is that when you lose an agent you must assume the worst, not the
best, and act accordingly.

Well, folks, when you kicked me off the museum grounds you caused me to
lose an agent -- me -- to lose control of the message that McCarthy was
clean and uncorruptible. I therefore had to assume the worst -- that
you were making a second attempt to smear me, this time with no ability
on my part to learn what was going on so I could defend myself.

As a result I have found it necessary to protect my reputation in a way
that may come back to haunt several railroad museums. This is the
minimum I must do to protect my reputation under the worst case scenario
assumption, which is the professional way to deal with agent loss. As
you will learn, my defensive shield does not name any individual museum.
If in the end it turns out to apply to several museums including CRRM
... well ... you should have thought of that possibility before you
kicked me off the property.

I realize that none of it was personal, but you picked the wrong guy to
try to f**k over.


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