Use Of Names Temporarily Forbidden For Funds Raising

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Use Of Names Temporarily Forbidden For Funds Raising

Postby Mike McCarthy » Thu Aug 27, 2015 2:14 pm




I wanted to let you know that I have resigned from the Polar Express project and that I no longer recognize either Rick Bernstein or Donald Tallman as having any authority over me on the museum grounds or off them, and that I will in fact be shunning these two people for the sins of lying to me, and of calling me a liar to my face about certain matters I knew to be true. A third person is tentatively on my shun list. However, it is possible that what I was told about this third person lying about me was another Bernstein lie. I very much hope that this will prove to be true, but I did not want to hold this email till I have made that determination.

To my knowledge no laws have been broken but where I come from -- Quakerism and Digital Equipment Corporation -- the one unforgivable sin is lying. Laws can and do change and therefore have only a loose and changeable relationship to morality and ethics. However, lying is always absolute, its definition never changes, and it's never okay since it represents a breakdown of trust at a very fundamental human level.

Accordingly I have no choice but to inform you, and through you the rest of the board, that effective immediately certain names now may not be used in conjunction with museum angel fund raising efforts, since I will not allow these names to be associated with liars or lying. These names are ...

Mike McCarthy
Tom Werman aka Werman
Richard Lary aka Richie
Dave Cutler aka Cutler

As long as Tallman and Bernstein are in positions of authority there is only a 0.01% chance that the names Mike McCarthy and Tom Werman will become available again for non-library fund raising efforts. However, there is a significant chance that all of the door-opening names will become available again for Richardson Library angel fund raising depending on the outcome of a conversation I plan to have with a certain individual sometime next week.

In the case of Richie I may elect to fill him in on the matter of lying and then let him decide for himself whether and how he will let his name be used at CRRM. This in turn would affect how Cutler's name gets used since it was never in the plan for me to contact Cutler myself, only to have Richie do it.


I have told Bernstein and Tallman that they are free to terminate my status as a CRRM volunteer if they would like to do that. However, my authorities for continuing to roam the museum grounds, taking pictures and giving informal tours of the property, are a) my status as a Family Membership contributor, and b) my status as a member of DGRS. I tested various waters today and found that nobody has attempted to restrict where I go or what I do. If nobody terminates my volunteer status then I will continue to visit the roundhouse shop floor and will resume taking documentary photographs for eventual integration with the Richardson Library


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