Roundhouse Mural Art Proposal

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Roundhouse Mural Art Proposal

Postby Mike McCarthy » Thu Aug 27, 2015 4:01 am



Hi Donald,

As I said last week, the Mexican Cultural Institute in Los Angeles has asked me to act as their fund raiser for various Barrio art projects in both L.A. and Denver. (I intend to hit the ground running without compromising my work at CRRM. My fee for this work will be an introduction to Cannibal of Cannibal and the Headhunters, an act that I have always admired since their chart topping version of "Land of 1,000 Dances".)

I have an idea for a project but wanted to run it by you before exposing the idea to MCI's Jose Antonio Aguirre. Let me say in advance that this project would cost the museum nothing. I will, by hook or by crook, get it financed somehow. I have connections into the art world on both coasts and while I don't know in any kind of detail how I'll do it, I have the same kind of confidence that you do so if I tell you that I will get it financed, please accept this.

Ny idea is this ... What if the Aztecs had had trains? What if the roundhouse was an Aztec train station? What if we were to divide the walls (and maybe the roof) into ten or twenty separate panels -- as many panels as there are artists who want in on the project and are, in Jose Anotonio's eyes, qualified to work on it -- and let them decide what their individual panels should say?

Think of the PR possibilities for the museum as the project is tracked by Channel Something from inception to completion. (You know those people, I do not.)

If you're interested in the concept I could ask Jose Antonio to do a few concept sketches to show the board the kind of art that would result, not that we want to tell the artists what to create. While he was at the museum I did ask him if the roundhouse exterior could be a suitable canvas, he said yes, but I left it at that pending discussions with you.

What do you think?


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