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Re: What An Honor And A Privilege

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Well....let's talk about this. I do not have the time or resources to donate a lot of time and energy to another you can tell, I'm pretty tapped out by my work at CRRM. However, I am always interested in new projects...particularly those that pay. I would be happy to have a conversation with Morrison History Museum, but I don't want you to be offering up my services as a donation...I can't do that. I can be contracted but I don't have the time or energy to do it for free. I am a poor starving artist trying to cobble together a living.

PS I sent you a note about an 11am meeting to discuss Polar electronics. I hope you can make it and we'll talk a bit after that.

Rick Bernstein
Director of Events and Volunteers
Colorado Railroad Museum
(CRRM): 303-279-4591
(Rick Direct): 720-274-5153

July 2015: "Celebrating the Birth of our Nation." On Saturdays July 4, 11 and 25th we will present campaign and inaugural speeches from Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Performances will be at 11am, 12pm, and 1pm on the platform of the No. 96 Presidential Car. Also in July, join us on July 11 for our birthday celebration of our locomotives, No. 346 and No. 491. We'll be singing happy birthday and serving cake at 2:00pm at the Roundhouse. July 18 is Dinosaur Express featuring artifacts and fossils from Dinosaur Ridge and Morrison Natural History Museum. And of course, every Saturday are train rides around the museum. July is a great month to enjoy the Colorado Railroad Museum.

Check the website for details.

Thanks to SCFD...making it possible!

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Subject: What An Honor And Privilege ...
From: Mike McCarthy <>
Date: Thu, July 23, 2015 1:35 am


The full impact of what you said yesterday did not hit me till a few
hours ago, long after I sent my email about Tom Werman ...

I now realize that when I said that I was adopting MNHM as my personal
favorite charity you told me to go over there and tell Doug a) what
we're doing for Polar Express at CRRM this year, and therefore b) what
we can do for them when they put their shows on in the new covered
Quarry 5 area that they haven't gotten funded yet.

You are allowing this message to come from me, for which I thank you.
You were saying that you, Rick, will donate the design and execution of
a new MNHM show designed especially for them and that I, Mike, will
donate the coding for that show, all of this to run on the modules that
we will have proven themselves in battle during Polar Express 2015.

What a fine, fine way to support MNHM, Rick. And of course if it all
works as planned then I will have to find the funding to allow MNHM to
buy a system of their own, replicating the one that proved itself in the
field at MNHM. This will be trivially easy since it puts us back in teh
realm of donors from the world of compyuters, a set of people I
understand completely. In fact, Richie Lary himself will probably
simply cut MNHM a check to make it all happen once he realizes what is
going to be attempted.


I went out to MNHM yesterday to clear my head. I announced myself at
the gift shop as having a new family membership for which I had not yet
received my card. Everyone in the shop was engaged in earnest
conversation including a nice old hippie type who showed up in the
specimen prep room when I took the tour again, this time with the tour
being given by Doug instead of Alex, the high school senior.

It was a good ten minutes before I realized that said hippie was Robert
Bakker himself, and that he was delighted to share what he knew with the
kids on the tour, and to make them think about the possibilities,
including the possibilit that they might one day join him on a MNHM dig.

I shook the great man's hand and told him that I had begun reading
Raptor Red, which is true. No wonder I feel so at home at MNHM. They
are a bunch of bohemians, as you are, and as I am and as Tom Werman is.
May I jokingly suggest the following as the MNHM theme song, a piece
called "Bohemian Like You", by the Dandy Warhols ...

I stumbled across them 2-3 months ago. Werman had heard the band's name
but had never heard any of their music before this piece. He and I
listen to music the same way because we both have golden ears and cannot
stop ourselves from analyzing. His initial reaction to the piece was
the same as mine had been -- those guitars are in perfect tune, and the
band is so tight they're probably playing to a visual click track.

You called me a softie. Well, Bakker is the real deal.


I followed your suggestion and asked Doug a) how he knew to approach the
Harvey family, and b) why he didn't simply approach them again. His
respective answers were a) because he had heard through the grapevine
that they might be receptive to a pitch, and that b) he probably will
try them again in exactly the same way.

I'm going to tell him that if by early October he hasn't gotten the
Harvey family (or someone) to come up with the $75K then I will simply
lean on an old friend whom I will be seeing in early October.

Her name is Peppy Vulliet and she's a bohemian too. I have known her
since we were ten years old, at boarding school together. Peppy is
property rich -- she summers on the Cape, winters in San Diego -- but
she's cash poor. However, everyone on the Cape knows her -- she's been
a summertime fixture there since the late 50s.

If push comes to shove I'm going to ask Peppy to just tell her yoga
class friends in downtown Wellfleet to simply each write a check made
out to MNHM for $10K and be done with it. These people will never miss
the money because, unlike Peppy, they are both land rich and cash rich.
When Peppy explains the cause to them they'll do it for Peppy, whom
they all know and love.

Thank you for helping me come home, Rick.


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