My New Quantum Theology

Proper insulin therapy has turned a slow death into a whole new career for me. Instead of dying in or before 2020, I now expect to live till 2025-2030 allowing me to resume my career in the music business, picking up where I left off 25 years ago.

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My New Quantum Theology

Postby Mike McCarthy » Tue Aug 25, 2015 2:23 am

I've written about this before, but tonight I see my new quantum theology in more detail. Frankly, the new insights raise more questions than answers, but that's okay. It's not necessary for us to understand The Universe in order to function in it. Indeed I functioned in it in a complete state of ignorance until just a few days ago.

Let's review the bidding on what I'm calling Quantum Theology ...

Richard Feynman's explanation of quantum mechanics makes it clear that at every instant The Universe simultaneously takes every possible path out of its current state, thereby generating an infinite number of parallel universes, some of which closely resemble one another because they represent highly likely quantum outcomes, and some of which are wildly different because they represent outcomes whose probability of occurring is low. In other wordsm at every instant The Universe generates all possible outcomes, but the likely outcomes form families of outcomes while the unlikely outcomes form much smaller families of outliers.

Until a few days ago I accepted this strange state of affairs because the mathematics of quantum mechanics compel this, but I assumed that one's trajectory through this infinity of universes each giving rise to an infinity of universes was random. I now believe differently as discussed below. Before I get into that I want to observe that under this worldview the number of universes is not increasing. The number has always been infinity -- what mathematicians call Alpeh Null -- basic infinity -- and the number always will be Aleph Null. This is important because it allows for conservation of energy within the infinite Multiverse, which I choose to call simply The Universe with a capital T and a capital U.

I now think that at various decision points the choice of trajectory is not random but is instead guided by some mysterious agency that I will also call The Universe.

[But it's ow 1:30 am in the Mountain time zone and I feel like pausing the writing so I can do more studying of this seriously under-appreciated rock classic ...


I saw my first sign of this when I was fourteen. Or rather in the subsequent years I saw the consequence of a choice that I made that I knew -- or at least hoped -- would affect the rest of my life. It was in a prep school trigonometry class in early 1958. My future wife was standing two rows behind my desk, saying something to the teacher about the answer to a homework problem. I was studying her reflection in the mirror formed by a flat panel on my tie clip, which I had removed specifically so I could study her closely. I knew that she found me attractive and was in competition with two other girls for my attention. I like her brain, I liked her face, and I especially liked her body. I decided on the spot that she had won the competition to land me because it was unlikely I would ever meet anyone else who turned me on in so many different ways. Coming from a broken home I didn't understand what love was, but if that package of attractions had anything to do with the subject then I had suddenly and permanently fallen in love with Evalyn. There would be other brief flings for each of us, but nobody could compete with the way we got each other panting so those flings simply didn't last.

(One almost fling for me was with a budding actress named Carol Lynley who was already something of a child TV star. She was briefly at our school, Rhodes Prep, where she was thought to be stuck up. In reality she had led a sheltered life as a child stage and TV performer, she was shy beyond belief and considerably less mature than the fifteen year old me, and even though she was two years older than me we almost became an item because I would talk with her and let her be herself -- everyday Carole (stet) Jones -- instead of the future famous Carol (stet) Lynley who was always on in a theatrical sense.)

Evalyn had her flings too yet we always got back together, and when we were sixteen we committed to each other fully in the early spring of 1960. We have been together ever since, the marriage in the fall of 1963 being but a formality since by that spring we had each left our parents' homes and had begun living together, financially independent, earning our way in the world even as we finished our junior and senior years in college. Evalyn has stuck with me through everything -- through things that would have caused most women to walk away. She did this not once but several times. I realize now that The Universe had me make that instant choice in trig class for a reason, one that has only recently become clear.


In retrospect there have been other signs that are now clear as day ...

1971 ... I join DEC during a hiring freeze. They have one personnel requisition open -- one. Given that it was open it is not a surprise that I got the job. The surprise is the one open req. Apparently The Universe wanted me to learn about business hands on in one of the best B-schools in the country, Digital Equipment Corporation, an education that few of its managers bothered to take.

2015, February. The Universe causes me to contact Tom Werman after a lapse of more than fifty years. Having been childhood pop music friends, how likely is it that Tom would choose guitar/metal bands to work with, which is the one area I did not cover as Golden MIDI Music & Software. Thus we were each completely unaware of the other's presence in the music business of the late 80s.

2015, June. The Universe decides to save my life by arranging for my diabetes to be treated by Betsy Raube, with my wife as case manager. In a little more than two weeks I lose twenty pounds, gain the ability to walk several miles per day, and am suddenly conscious of the fact that my death sentence not only has been reversed on appeal, it's as if I had never gone to prison to begin with.

2015, July. By the middle of July, 2015 I am stronger than I was in July of 2005. I'm ready to resume work on music but The Universe throws the Polar Express project in my way and gives me strong indications that the management of CRRM may no longer be ... well ... on the straight and narrow path to honorable success.

2015, August. The Universe arranges for me to be banned from CRRM as a volunteer, as a family member, and as an admission buying member of the public. In addition, MNHM tells me my help is not needed with fund raising, and the Mexican Cultural Institute effectively drives me away. Evidently The Universe has arranged for all these things to happen so that I will be free to concentrate first on art, then on writing and then on the music project.

2015, August. The Universe makes sure that I retain the Billboard Top Ten CDs for the mid 50s through the mid 70s, and that I retain all the classical music best-of-by-composer CDs I bought long ago but never listened to. I realize on the way home from having turned down Angelo's offer that The Universe intends for these CDs and some others to be the source material I will use for algorithm development.

2015, August. Just in case I had not been getting the message about The Universe intervening now and then, when I arrive at the 84th Street Guitar Center to discuss the low level PreSonus equipment, I find that next door -- literally next door -- is the Harbor Freight store where CRRM bought the modules for the Polar Express lighting system that cannot possibly work. Of all the places in the north Denver area that Harbor Express store might be found, what are the chances that The Universe accidentally put it next to the Guitar Center where student Randy is going to be myu guide to the DAW aspects of the PreSonus hardware/software package that I bought from Rockley but have not had time to install and use?


There are just too many coinicidences for me to believe in only random selection of which trajectory through The Universe gets chosen. Most of the time it is indeed random, but on rare occasions it is decidedly non-random. Take my life, for example. Was I spared because I'm a wonderful person? No. I was spared because in the family of unverses that we are in, The Universe was unable to create a candidate to do the music projects I intend to do. Instead of it being some young, handsome music/computers stud -- a modern Beethoven equivalent -- it's going to be me, a crusty old codger who refuses to take any more crap from anyone on the planet for any reason, inlcuding from his remarkably loyal wif who now seems to be getting it -- that she is to stop trying to control me upon pain of being immediately divorced.

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