Moving Indoors

Proper insulin therapy has turned a slow death into a whole new career for me. Instead of dying in or before 2020, I now expect to live till 2025-2030 allowing me to resume my career in the music business, picking up where I left off 25 years ago.

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Moving Indoors

Postby Mike McCarthy » Fri Aug 21, 2015 1:01 pm

I've always had the ability to set up the Lenovo laptop outdoors at one of our two outdoor furniture tables, either on the deck or on the original small patio. (The original Dell D620 could be moved outdoors too, and for a while it was my primary computer, but it's dead and will not be replaced.) The only reason for setting up the new music and art stuff outdoors was because I believed it would take forever to clear out the south ground level bedroom sufficiently to house these projects ... and the only reason for the canopy was to house the outdoor art and music stuff -- to keep the rain off everything.

Well, to my surprise a few hours work on the south room has yielded a space large enough to make working outdoors with just the Lenovo an option again, though this time it would be only for writing. Working through the banker's boxes in the south room yielded a stack of six loaded with material to be sold or donated. As described yesterday, none of the CDs were sold, I decided to keep many of them for reference music, and everything else wen to the Green Mountain outlet of Arc Thrift Stores, an operation I am coming to like more and more.

What remains in the south room will be moved next to the cartons of Christmas decorations, with which I agreed to coexist. More stuff will be coming into the room, but it will be art materials that will live in translucent plastic tubs whose contents can be made out without opening the tubs, and which can be stacked chest high. They will not interfere with the room's furnishings, which will be work tables forming a giant U, two sides of which will butt up against the south and east walls of the room respectively.

The room, unfortunately, will be full again by the end of today, its contents arranged as just described. The result creates a major headache for processing the north room -- there will be no overflow space in the south room to act as temporary storage for banker's boxes coming from the north room, but that will be my wife's problem to deal with. I offered a two day grace period during which the north room could be worked on most conveniently. She declined the grace period, preferring instead to veg out upstairs, relaxing in preparation for the weekend, which always takes a lot out of her.

I'm not being critical -- the choice she made will not affect my art, writing or music work, and she was actually helpful to me in that she made ten new banker's boxes, a chore I detest and am very slow at. But she did make her future life significantly more complicated, and she will not be getting much help from me in dealing with the situation because I will be very busy with art and not inclined to deal with a "see, I told you so" situation that she is perfectly capable of dealing with on her own.


Anyway, I expect to have the outdoor patio vacated, and the south room set up for art/music, by early afternoon today. This means that decal experiments will begin tomorrow, a few days later than I had planned, but indoors instead of out which means that early winter weather will not be interrupting me. My wife doesn't realize it but I am about to immerse myself in the decal experiments, and other art related work, because we need an answer to a question before we head out to SOCAL in ten days' time. The question is, Should we bother with test marketing of photography, of paintings, and of photoart?

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