First Art, Then Writing, Then Music

Proper insulin therapy has turned a slow death into a whole new career for me. Instead of dying in or before 2020, I now expect to live till 2025-2030 allowing me to resume my career in the music business, picking up where I left off 25 years ago.

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First Art, Then Writing, Then Music

Postby Mike McCarthy » Fri Aug 14, 2015 5:13 pm

It's been decided. Because of the background risk that Evalyn could be laid off from her weekend job as a hospice nurse, with no clear ability to replace that job with one very like it, we decided this morning that creating an income stream is very important even if we never get to the music stuff which, ultimately, is all I care about.

I'm a realist. I believe that writing books offers the best chance at reliable income, magnitude unknown at this point. However, I also recognize that art may (may) offer the quickest path to an income stream that can be made to repeat. What's new for this morning is that I will do art development and test marketing during the day and writing at night.

Thus tonight I begin writing the aviation accidents book I mentioned in Mosh Pit a couple of days ago. I will, of course, begin with the 1978 San DIego midair collision of a PSA 727 and a flying school instrument rating check flight in a Cessna 172. I will be visiting the two crash sites associated with the accident on wed02sep-75.

This book will take me about three months to write. In principle I could write it in a dedicated week but I will need a lot of time for fact checking, for trying to obtain photo clearances, and for driving to crash sites for photography when I can't get clearances. Given everything else that's going on, including scheduled driving trips to SOCAL and the Boston area, I will set a goal of 01jan-16 for electronic publication of this book, probably via Amazon.

The next book, the history of the 727, will require even more fact checking and research. Here I will set a goal of e-publication of the book on 01jan-17. Only then will I spend significant amounts of time on music. Here too I already know my subject matter, it's more a matter of doing fact checking and providing scholarly links. For example, it is said by aviation experts that autothrottle was not an option offered by Boeing for 727s. This simply is not true. What is true is that only six 727s shipped with factory autothrottle, a surprise since the aircraft is "slippery" and difficult to control on approach when being hand flown. I have a heavily customized 727 that I used to fly a lot in Microsoft Flight Simuator, the customizations mainly in the area of giving my 727 realistic flight dynamics. Trust me, I would not want to land my 727 on anything but long runways absent autothrottle.

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