Walking The PSA 182 Crash Area

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Walking The PSA 182 Crash Area

Postby Mike McCarthy » Wed Sep 02, 2015 11:09 am

I'm amazed. What I thought till yesterday was a well thought out accident report now strikes me as a very sloppy job put out by non-pilots who did not really understand the most important parts of the evidence they were examining. I don't want to revel the relevant part of the book in this post but the report focused on technical details of the crash, mainly the 727 hydraulic system, that now strike me as almost irrelevant to what actually happened in my opinion.

I think that for most accidents it doesn't matter whether the lead investigator or any of the technical team leads are pilots, but in this one it did matter because the smallness of the overall accident area speaks volumes to those who will listen in a way that only pilots can, even relatively low time pilots like me. The whole crash area, from the point of the collision of the PSA 727 with the Cessna 172 to the ground impact of the 727, can be contained in a box that is about 3500 feet north-south by about 2000 feet east-west. This is remarkable given that the collision occurred at 2400 feet above terrain that cannot be more than 300 feet above sea level at its highest point.

As I discuss in the book, the geometry of the crash sequence changed my mind about what must have happened. No, I don't have the technical expertise of the NTSB, Boeing and Cessna subject matter experts. Yes, I have the common sense of a pilot who was extremely good at aircraft wrangling, including extreme sideslipping as a way of slowing an aircraft on approach in a hurry.

Am I insisting that I'm right? No. Of course not. But simply visiting the overall scene opened up some possibilities that I had not seen before, and it turned them from possibilities into likelihoods. If you want to know more, buy the book when it comes out -- I will need the revenue.

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