Greetings From Jean, NV

Proper insulin therapy has turned a slow death into a whole new career for me. Instead of dying in or before 2020, I now expect to live till 2025-2030 allowing me to resume my career in the music business, picking up where I left off 25 years ago.

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Greetings From Jean, NV

Postby Mike McCarthy » Tue Sep 01, 2015 9:17 am

Well, Evalyn is awake now at 2:15am Pacific on Monday morning, 01sep-15, and she is what we call "up up", so I'll have to finish this blog entry tonight in San Diego, or Sand Dog as it is sometimes called by the locals. (It is also sometimes called simply SD, in keeping with the spirit in which Tijuana, Mexico, is often called simply "TJ". Till later ...

It is now 7:24pm Pacific on Monday evening, 01sep-15, at the King's Inn in San Diego's Hotel Circle. We were on the road out of Jean by 4am Pacific and reached the San Diego crash site around noon. We wrapped photography around 2pm and decided to go swimming in the ocean. As I like to say, Colorado has everything except an ocean but if Al Gore is right we're going to have one of those, too. There were a number of surprises for me today regarding the PSA 182 crash, surprises that I will explore in the book rather than here.

We found the ocean too cold for swimming so we came back to the King's Inn and alternated between the spa (seats 9) and the main pool (accomodates 52). We had such a good time that we may well spend all of Tuesday, 02sep-15, poolside at the King's Inn. There is some residual photography I want to get done on our way out of town -- the Cessna came down at 32nd and Polk, not 34th and Polk, and I completely forgot to shoot Saint Augustine's school, which was used as a temporary morgue and in which hundreds of students surely would have been killed had the 727 not stalled out as it was briefly paralleling the 805 on its west side.

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