I Failed With Decals

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I Failed With Decals

Postby Mike McCarthy » Mon Aug 31, 2015 6:57 am

It's been several days since I made an entry in this blog. What's been going on? ... ...

I could not make the decals approach to creating images on canvas work. It's entirely possible that weeks of experimentation would produce success, but I don't have weeks to invest in this novel approach to creating a foundation for my art. So, I've decided to fall back to Plan B, which involves printing images on 4x6 glossy card stock, a technology I understand well though I will have to redo my color calibration procedures because of the change from Photopaint to GIMP. (Art was always a side show, to be bothered with only because it can be turned on more quickly than can writing, assuming it will be successful, which it may not be.)

In particular, art will come in four varieties, all involving adhering 4x6 images to white gallery wrap canvases as a background for showcasing the images. The production varieties will be a) one up on a 9x12 canvas, b) three up on 12x24, c) four up on 20x20 and d) six up on 18x24. I may end up breaking new ground here regarding what is acceptable to my demographic, which is housewives who are choosing art to complement new color schemes in their upper middle class houses. I say new ground because I may not make any attempt at all to conceal the fact that what has been mounted on the canvases is 4x6 glossy photo stock. (I bought some thin basswood strips to experiment with making frames for the 4x6 art mounted on the white canvas background. That's an experiment I haven't had time to run yet.)

I'm consciously setting up for hypothetical volume production. If my art cannot be produced in volume then I will not be interested, just as Mark Rothko was only interested in volume production. To my knowledge every work of his was unique, but he was able to crank them out at high speed, probably in less than an hour per piece. Am I faulting Rothko? Not at all. Like Warhol he was a smart businessman as well as being an artist. I'm the same way. I'm designing an art business from the top down instead of from the bottom up. In fact, I haven't even looked at the images selected by my daughter Cynthia and grandson Zane -- because it doesn't matter to me which of my images are chosen for test marketing.

More about this when we're back from SOCAL, the trip to which will begin just as soon as my wife wekes up and has some coffee. My guess is that this will be around 3am, with a 4 am departure. That should have us spending the night in Barstow, not far past the CA/NV border, leaving us only about 300 miles to do to reach the San Diego PSA 182 crash site, which we probably will do early on the morning of tue01oct-15. As long as the sun is well up when we explore and photograph both the Cessna and 727 crash sites, I will be satisfied with the lighting though the ideal would be to shoot around 9 am to replicate lighting conditions as they were at the time of the midair collision.

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