Musicians Getting Older.....or Not ?

If it weren't for Mississippi Delta blues we'd still be singing "Oh Susanna" and I would have to shoot myself. We owe it all to those guys -- song structure, chord progressions, call and response, the blue note -- all of it.

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Musicians Getting Older.....or Not ?

Postby BlueStrat » Fri May 01, 2015 7:26 pm

I was recently just browsing through a link of people that shared the same Birthday as me. I happened to find just a few, namely Paul Davis (1948), Iggy Pop (1947), and Paul Geremina (1944). This set me to thinking "man, these guys are getting OLD, so I looked up some of the more popular people we would more readily recognize, and the Big Question is "How much longer can these guys keep going ?" What do YOU think, can these guys still keep up the pace ?

B.B. King-89
Eric Clapton-70
Buddy Guy-79
Bonnie Raitt-66 (I KNOW....I'm not supposed to reveal a woman's age)
Van Morrison-70
Robert Cray-62 (youngster)
Duke Robillard-67
Jimmy Vaughan-64
Joe Walsh-68

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