DEC Community People

These are the people I remember from doing DEC business with them first hand.

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DEC Community People

Postby Mike McCarthy » Fri Jul 03, 2015 4:54 pm

If you were a contemporary of mine and I knew you but you don't see your name here, please don't be offended. Instead, remind me. Here are names I either recall so far or recognized as having been from my time while doing fact-checking ...

Henry Adelman
Dave Ahl
Bob Alessio
Valdeane Alusic
Phil Arnold
Gary Asakawa
Al Avery
Bob Bean
Gordon Bell
Jim Bell
Kerry Bensman
George Berry (deceased)
Al Bertocchi (deceased)
Kent Blackett (deceased)
Bob Blackledge
Regina Bolduc
Len Bozak
Ron Brender
Bob Brown
Dave Brown
Hank Buhlens
Dennis Burke
Jack Burness
Max Burnet
Jorge Caballero
Roger Cady
Art Campbell (deceased)
Ed de Castro (yes, the Ed de Castro, before he founded Data General)
Dick Clayton
Mike Chao (he took his wife's name when they married)
Gary Cole
Alberto Colucci (deceased)
Peter Conklin (deceased)
Chuck Conley
John Conner
Rick Corbin
Jim Cudmore
Dave Cutler
Garth Davis
Linda (Mason) Davis
Bruce Delagi
Bill Demmer
Brad Dewey
Dick Best
Dick Devlin
Dave DiGirolamo
Fred Doll
Monique Duhamel
Bruno Durr
Tom Eggers
Ken Elison
Mike Elkins
Paul Esling
Ulf Fagerquist
Jack Falvey
Len Fehskens (customer and colleague at ADR, later hired by me at DEC)
Ken Fine
Dave Fernald
Jim Fleming
Rick Fogelgren (deceased)
Lois Frampton
Joe Fries
Robin Frith
Sheila Ford
Lorrin Gale
Ed Gardner
Bill Gates (yes, the Bill Gates, 14-year-old contract programmer at TenTime)
Joe Gentile
Bob Gifford
Margie Gifford
Gerard van Gink
Eli Glazer
Bob Glorioso
Andy Goldstein
Roger Gourd
Ashley Grayson III (today my son's literary agent)
Bill Hanson
Don Harmer (customer, AEC Savannah River)
Roger Heinen
Bob Hershey
Per Hjerpe
Chuck Hess
Ted Hess
Win Hindle
Jim Hogan (the SF author who inspired the writing career of my son, Wil McCarthy)
Grace Hopper (yes, the Grace Hopper, consultant, USN retired)
Baby Huey (hardly anybody knew his real name; I certainly didn't)
Bill Hogan
Cal Hubler
Jim Hughes (the one originally from England, who looked just like Steed in "The Avengers")
Harris Hyman
Irwin Jacobs (deceased)
Joanne (Haddad) Jacobs
Tony James (deceased)
Ted Johnson (deceased)
John Jorgenson
Henk Jordaan
Wim van der Kai
Karl Kalinowski
Chuck Kaman
Pete Kaufman
Bill Kieswetter
Gary Kildall (yes, the Gary Kildall, customer and potential supplier, Tektronix)
Paul Kinzelman
Willi Kister
Ken Kusher
Dave Knight
Andy Knowles (deceased)
Pete Koch
Ted Koenig
Tunis Korteweg
Alan Kotok (deceased)
Nancy Kronenberg
Ron Kronenberg (deceased)
Ed Kramer
Bob Kusik
Rocky Kwok
Hartley LaDuke
Butler Lampson (consultant, but after my time though I had met him back in MULTICS days)
Bob Lane
Art Larrabee
Richie Lary (yes, I know you prefer Richard, but I knew you when)
Hank Levy
Don Lewine
John Leng
Jud Leonard
Roy Lightfoot
Demetrios Lignos
Jesse Lipcon
Peter Lipman
Bill Long
Si Lyle
John MacDonald
Bill MacIntyre
Ed Marison
Julius Marcus
Carmine Mastropieri
Nick Mazzarese
Rich McCraw
Mike Mensh
Rick Merrill
Bill Meserve
Evalyn McCarthy
Mike McCarthy
Ann McCutcheon
Terry McCutcheon
Elaine McDonald
Ron (Bugs) McLean
Mel Meagher
Allen Michels
Jack Milesci
Charlie Moeder
Harrison (Dit) Morse
Pete Mostecki
Craig Mudge
Dick Munro
Jim Murphy
Bill Myers (customer, AEC INEL)
BJ Nebesky
Dave Nelson
Dick Neubauer
Dave Nixon
Bob Noguchi
Anders Norden
Jim O'Laughlin
Ken Olsen
Stan Olsen
Jackie Pakariinen
Neil Pappalardo (customer, consultant and vendor, all at MGH)
Nick Pappas
Mark Parenti
Bill Parm
Dave Parnas (customer and consultant, CMU)
Ira Patel
Irv Patton
Mario Pellegrino
Radia Perlman
Jean-Claude Peterschmidt
Al Pires
Jim Pitts (deceased)
Ralph Platz
George Plowman
Larry Portner
Tony Priborski
Neil Price
Claude Proteau
Ian Pugsley
Roger Pyle
Bob Puffer
Stan Rabinowitz
Bob Reed
Garth Reid
Sonya Reid
Mike Riggle
Peter van Roekens
Thom Roy
Al Ryder
Koos de Vries
Dave Rosenberg
Marnie Rouleau
Steve Russell
Barry Rubinson
Jerry Rufener
Myron Sauer
Grant Saviers
Vinod Shah
Jack Shields
Ed Slaughter
Barbara Slaughter (customer and former colleague at ADR)
Bill Siegel
Eileen (Nicole) Simon
Bill Slack
Jack Smith
Pat Smith
Hank Spencer
Harlan Shepardson
Bill Starrett (deceased)
Bill Steul
Tom Stockebrand
Dave Stone
Bill Strecker
Bob Supnik (customer, colleague and consultant at ADR, later hired by DEC)
Tucker Taft
Steve Teicher (deceased)
Nathan Teichholz
George Thissel
Bill Thompson
Mike Tomasic
Brad Vachon
Armen Varteressian
Tony Wachs
Larry Wade
Dave Waks (customer, ADR, my first boss)
Ed Wargo
Stu Wecker
Glen Wickelgren
Fred Wilhelm
Maurice Wilkes (I read his paper on "I/O welling" long before he joined DEC)
Bill Wulf (customer and consultant, CMU)
Cary Wyman
John Xenakis
Craig Zamzow (deceased)


Some last names will come back to me eventually. In the meantime I must remember these folks as ...

Jeannie 15
Buddy Cajun
Ed Cane
Steve Captain
John Chaos
John Dialysis
Bernie Electrons
Joe Handsome
Pete Houses
Bill IRA
Bill Modules
Kevin Redbeard
John Storage
Jan Waco

Some of them sound sound like names of made men, don't they? I do apologize.

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