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Engineers' Control Boards

Posted: Wed Jul 08, 2015 3:41 am
by BlueStrat
I've always had a keen interest in that whole operation of the guy that pushed and pulled all those electronic things in a recording studio. And over the years I have watched those little control boards grow from what once was something about half the size of my coffee table to what nowadays have become these megalith control boards that look more like the panel from Lord Darth Vader's Death Star than something that belongs in a recording studio! That link to the Beatles producer, has opened my eyes to exactly what all those little knobs, slides, switches, flashing lights and so on, are needed for. I can only imagine what the back (or bottom I should say) looks like! I have worked on blueprints for printed circuit boards that were used on the Sonar Arrays for Nuclear Attack Submarines, ala George Washington Class. The drawings were the height of my drafting board around 42 inches, and SO VERY long that the Mylar would be on a continuous roll. As I was "taping" the circuitry, I would have a crank to wind the mylar to the next section until the complete circuit was covered in 1/8th inch wide black tape. Then, I would have to flip the whole thing over, and begin to lay-in the red adhesive sheets that I would trim to fit the "Ground Areas" where the silver would then be located for the negative portion of the printed circuit. The finished product I am sure, would pale in comparison to the wiring that it took to power-up one of those control panels and the power that it consumes would test the limits of the Hoover Dam ! Just to further add on to the great link that Mike has provided, I have found a "spin-off" that piggy backs on how each track is carefully dissected and enhanced until it reaches perfection. Two examples here are from the Beatles "Strawberry Fields" and the making of the "Sgt. Pepper" album in general.