Polar Express Tech

Here we are almost in mid-September, basically two weeks past the date by which Rick insisted that the firmware be done. Steve is still worrying about the unimportant feature to recharge the batteries in the modules on the hill. I have no information about the firmware.

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Polar Express Tech

Postby Mike McCarthy » Thu Sep 10, 2015 9:15 pm


To: coyotevergreen@q.com
Cc: rickbernstein@fehuproductions.com
Cc: jcampbell@madjack.com
Cc: msprater@aolc.om
Cc: alabord727@msn.com
Cc: cjfox11@gmail.com
Cc: sames2@msn.com
Cc: donald@crrm.org
Cc: kpytel@wonderbound.com
Cc: senfer@comcast.net
Cc: mike@impactphotoart.com

Probably didn't need to copy everybody, but oh well -

Here's results of internet search for components needed:

1. Small Solar Panels: http://www.sunshineworks.com SLP020-12... 20 watt should be sufficient with about a 1A charge rate...about $85 each...each mounting location may have to be customized...OR maybe mount on top of battery box?

2. ABS Waterproof Plastic Enclosure for the electronics: http://www.jameco.com #2130562 10x7x4"...$22 each

3. Battery Box: http://www.walmart.com seasense 24...$10 each

Rick your battery choice is just fine.

Anybody feel free to visit the websites and make suggestions/changes...lots of solar panels and boxes out there...this is just my perusal...maybe you can find something better.

I haven't explored the connectors but maybe Jimmys suggestion of banana jacks is appropriate...and I may have enuff cable/fuses/etc to donate for interconnect.

...more later and please give your input...we gotta get rolling...Jimmy, Warren, Marty, Jack (and who else?) we need to meet....build the first one and then clone.


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