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Re: I Forgot ... Fwd: Volunteer Ideas

Postby Mike McCarthy » Fri Aug 28, 2015 9:14 am




That's fine, I just like to get my ideas out while they're fresh. I fully understand that even with Donald back the ideas may go noplace, which would also be fine. As I keep saying, you guys don't have to take my advice, I just need to give it.

I said it to Marty and I'll say it to you ... I saw some of the HO enthusiast videos you and Marty did for the auditorium. I know just enough about video to know what a fine, fine job Marty did of online editing to make up for inadequate lighting, color temperature problems and so so on. I had no idea he was that talented in the video realm and I have told him so, whereupon he explained his professional background in TV broadcast engineering. I had been aware of his Armed Forces Radio DJ background but the video stuff was entirely new to me.

As for you, my friend, you have a radio voice. Do you also have a radio background? If so, what took you out of radio and into (dinner) theater? Speaking of the Lincoln/Teddy/FDR actor gig, have you thought of recreating Mount Rushmore with four actors speaking in sequence and then having them pose just like a living Mount Rushmore? Maybe they could talk to one another about the events of their separate times?

I'll be back at the museum in mid-afternoon, I just need to get another laptop going so I can base it at the roundhouse.


On 7/15/2015 8:49 AM, wrote:
> Mike,
> Appreciate your note. I will consider all ideas right now, but until
> Donald gets back, we will just stay on pause and decide what the best
> course of action is.
> *Rick Bernstein*
> *Director of Events and Volunteers
> Colorado Railroad Museum
> <>
> (CRRM): 303-279-4591
> (Rick Direct): 720-274-5153
> July 2015: "Celebrating the Birth of our Nation." *On Saturdays July 4,
> 11 and 25th we will present campaign and inaugural speeches from Abraham
> Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Performances will
> be at 11am, 12pm, and 1pm on the platform of the No. 96 Presidential
> Car. Also in July, join us on July 11 for our birthday celebration of
> our locomotives, No. 346 and No. 491. We'll be singing happy birthday
> and serving cake at 2:00pm at the Roundhouse. July 18 is Dinosaur
> Express featuring artifacts and fossils from Dinosaur Ridge and Morrison
> Natural History Museum. And of course, every Saturday are train rides
> around the museum. July is a great month to enjoy the Colorado Railroad
> Museum.
> Check the website for details.
> <>
> *Thanks to SCFD...making it possible! *
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> Rick, not Ruck, sorry 'bout that. Now ...
> Another candidate for volunteer ombudsman might be Marty Prater, who
> also knows a lot about trains through his deep involvement with HO. My
> only reservations would be that a) I've never seen Marty in the
> Library,
> and b) the gift shop people seem just as convinced that they walk on
> water (because they handle the money) as do the locomotive people. His
> being married to Bonnie does not change that.
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> Yo Ruck ...
> The Mutiny at the Roundhouse got me to thinking during the night ...
> In a perfect world, as volunteer coordinator you would have a junior
> volunteer coordinator reporting to you. In a perfect world this person
> would be a volunteer himself or herself, someone just like ... drum roll
> please ... Alan Garden Railways who sits on the board. (I forget his
> last name, shame on me.)
> I'm only half joking when I say he would be ideal. Apart from the facg
> that he would not have the time (I don't think) the reason he would be
> ideal is that Alan commands enormous respect not only from the board but
> also from the volunteer community. He knows trains, he's come up
> through the steamup operating ranks, he knows what it's like to be a
> volunteer from a museum subculture that isn't highly regarded at the
> roundhouse, blah blah blah.
> ======================
> Enough about that. Now, where to get some immediate experienced
> manpower to work on Thomas car creation with energy and enthusiasm?
> Well, six years ago a contingent of volunteers came up from the Springs
> who were associated with a trolley museum or whatever. They brought
> with them the pile driver you may have heard about -- and they spent the
> better part of ten days up here working on that machine and getting it
> going. Maybe that same team could be persuaded to pitch in here at CRRM
> just for old time's sake.
> Ditto for people from Wings over the Rockies. I don't know anyone there
> but it's a museum I love to go to every few years just to see what's new
> and to gas with some of the people who work there, since I'm as aviation
> minded as they are. (I don't know a lot about trains but you can ask me
> anything about aviation.) Maybe they could be persuaded to help out as
> one transportation equipment museum to another.
> ====================
> I also have to tell you that Lauren created a lot of animosity six years
> ago when she named me volunteer of the year simply because I had rolled
> up a lot of hours. (More than 750 in 3-4 months.) I had no idea the
> award was coming to me, and if I had learned of it I would have refused
> it. As it was I almost refused it at the volunteer dinner but decided
> it was better not to create a scene. I think this may have had
> something to do with her no longer being taken seriously by the
> volunteers.
> I was absolutely the wrong choice ... because I knew then and know today
> very little about trains compared to most of the heavy duty volunteers
> at the roundhouse and at the garden railway. I did some but not a lot
> of hands on stuff at the roundhouse. I did not pay the right kind of
> dues, and I was seen by most volunteers at the roundhouse and elsewhere
> as completely irrelevant. What on earth does photography have to do
> with either fixing trains or running them? (Answer, zero in the eyes of
> volunteers.)
> My message is that in a perfect world the CRRM volunteers would have an
> ombudsman/woman who could come to you and speak for the entire volunteer
> community whether formally or informally. They can and do speak to Jack
> Campbell, and to a lesser extent they speak to Mike Spera (I keep
> messing his name up, I hope I have it right now), but powerful as those
> guys are, they are not in charge of the volunteers, you are.
> Just some thoughts
> As dawn breaks
> On another beautiful day
> In America,
> In Colorado,
> And at CRRM,
> thx,
> Mike

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