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Volunteer Ideas

Postby Mike McCarthy » Fri Aug 28, 2015 9:04 am


To: rickbernstein@fehuproductions.com

Yo Ruck ...

The Mutiny at the Roundhouse got me to thinking during the night ...

In a perfect world, as volunteer coordinator you would have a junior volunteer coordinator reporting to you. In a perfect world this person would be a volunteer himself or herself, someone just like ... drum roll please ... Alan Garden Railways who sits on the board. (I forget his last name, shame on me.)

I'm only half joking when I say he would be ideal. Apart from the facg that he would not have the time (I don't think) the reason he would be ideal is that Alan commands enormous respect not only from the board but also from the volunteer community. He knows trains, he's come up through the steamup operating ranks, he knows what it's like to be a volunteer from a museum subculture that isn't highly regarded at the roundhouse, blah blah blah.


Enough about that. Now, where to get some immediate experienced manpower to work on Thomas car creation with energy and enthusiasm? Well, six years ago a contingent of volunteers came up from the Springs who were associated with a trolley museum or whatever. They brought with them the pile driver you may have heard about -- and they spent the better part of ten days up here working on that machine and getting it going. Maybe that same team could be persuaded to pitch in here at CRRM just for old time's sake.

Ditto for people from Wings over the Rockies. I don't know anyone there but it's a museum I love to go to every few years just to see what's new and to gas with some of the people who work there, since I'm as aviation minded as they are. (I don't know a lot about trains but you can ask me anything about aviation.) Maybe they could be persuaded to help out as one transportation equipment museum to another.


I also have to tell you that Lauren created a lot of animosity six years ago when she named me volunteer of the year simply because I had rolled up a lot of hours. (More than 750 in 3-4 months.) I had no idea the award was coming to me, and if I had learned of it I would have refused it. As it was I almost refused it at the volunteer dinner but decided it was better not to create a scene. I think this may have had something to do with her no longer being taken seriously by the volunteers.

I was absolutely the wrong choice ... because I knew then and know today very little about trains compared to most of the heavy duty volunteers at the roundhouse and at the garden railway. I did some but not a lot of hands on stuff at the roundhouse. I did not pay the right kind of dues, and I was seen by most volunteers at the roundhouse and elsewhere as completely irrelevant. What on earth does photography have to do with either fixing trains or running them? (Answer, zero in the eyes of volunteers.)

My message is that in a perfect world the CRRM volunteers would have an ombudsman/woman who could come to you and speak for the entire volunteer community whether formally or informally. They can and do speak to Jack Campbell, and to a lesser extent they speak to Mike Spera (I keep messing his name up, I hope I have it right now), but powerful as those guys are, they are not in charge of the volunteers, you are.

Just some thoughts
As dawn breaks
On another beautiful day
In America,
In Colorado,
And at CRRM,

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