I Can Dream, Can't I?

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I Can Dream, Can't I?

Postby Mike McCarthy » Fri Aug 28, 2015 2:28 am


To: donald@crrm.org
To: rickbernstein@fehuproductions.com

Hi Donald,

Considering the long term, in a perfect world both Richie Lary and Dave Cutler would be on the board of CRRM and would act as liasons into the high tech world of wealthy computer and software captains of industry.

But Cutler lives somewhere near Redmond, WA. How could he ever make it to CRRM board meetings at the museum? Answer, by executive jet owned and operated by someone like Hollywood actor Dennis Quaid (I believe it is), who regularly commutes between Hollywood and his ranch with private airstrip in western Montana. I'm sure he would be happy to fly to Seattle, pick up Cutler, bring him to Centennial, and then fly him home again after the meeting. How can I be sure? Because I'm a former low time pilot who also eats, lives and breathes aviation. I know how these folks think -- they will fly for no reason at all, and having a real purpose just makes their investment that much more interesting.

But how does CRRM get to someone like Quaid? Answer, I just happen to have two high level potential contacts into Hollywood. Get this ...

The first is my son, Wil McCarthy, a highly regarded former science fiction writer and Wired Magazine science columnist. His literary agent was ... drum roll, please ... the wife of film director James Cameron. (Titanic, Avatar, The Deep, etc.) (!!!!!!)

The second contact is my old friend, former rock/metal music producer Tom Werman
whom I will be seeing in early October. (My estimate is that during the 20 years he was actively producing, Tom was 2% of the music business all by himself.) For the past fifteen years Tom has owned and operated a high end B&B just two thousand feet from Tanglewood. He goes out to L.A. every spring for a week or two to schmooze with his old music business friends. He was called out of retirement to produce the the music for the movie "Rock Star"
If anyone could network his way to Dennis Quaid or some other bizjet owning Hollywood type who loves to find excuses to fly his or her bird, it would be Tom.

Think about it. It's just as easy to start at the top as at any other level. I believe I can help you make these kinds of high level contacts, and I believe I can help you get well connected people onto the board.


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