Potential Thomas Passenger Car Funding And Library/Archiving Funding

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Potential Thomas Passenger Car Funding And Library/Archiving Funding

Postby Mike McCarthy » Fri Aug 28, 2015 1:58 am


To: donaldtallman@comcast.net
Cc: rickbernstein@fehuproductions.com

Hi Donald,

This is long winded but kindly bear with me. It will be worth your time, I promise ...

With the museum growing I recognize that it's important to go through proper channels, in this case Rick. He thanked me for doing this but suggested I take the subject of this email up with you. Briefly, I'm proposing to help get funding to be thrown at a couple of problems. Here we go ...

One concern that I may be able to help with is getting funding for risk management of the completion of the roundhouse Thomas passenger flats. It may be none of my business but as an experienced project/product manager I observe that the flat car that was to be completed today was not completed, that most people working on it yesterday were absent today, and that the few working on it today went to lunch and, with one exception, did not return. I would hate to see Thomas crash and burn due to overly optimistic projections about what can be accomplished between now and the start of Thomas since revenue in part is going to be driven by passenger seat mile capacity.

Another area I may be able to help with is increasing the level of staffing in the library and archiving efforts, which even to this layman's eyes are lagging much more than any of you would like. I find myself getting increasingly involved in (and interested in!) this effort because of Jeff Ambrose's desire for extensive photo documentation of restoration projects along with Jack Campbell's desire for that plus general photo documentation of roundhouse activities, with Sharon McGee concerned that these roundhouse images be brought under the general Past Perfect approach. (I'm reading the Past Perfect manual now and have no trouble understanding it.)


To make a long story short, I may be able to help the museum get adopted by some wealthy patron. So ...

Kindly skip the first paragraph of the forwarded email and instead go directly to the second. I've verified that my friend Richie Lary does still live in the Springs, so if you/museum have any interest in exploiting my contacts, I could try to get him up to CRRM this weekend for an orientation.

Of course I will not contact him or anyone else without clear approval from you along with some sense of where you would want this effort to head. Quite frankly, I think the museum's growth from this point on could be pitched as a traditional three-round startup funding effort, except that it would be angel funding with no expectation of financial return, only societal return.


-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: Please Read
Date: Thu, 09 Jul 2015 22:49:36 -0600
From: Mike McCarthy <mike@impactphotoart.com>
To: rickbernstein@fehuproductions.com

Hi Rick,

I've had to put my car into the shop for cooling system repairs. I
probably won't get to the museum till Friday afternoon. If the repairs
run past that I expect to be able to borrow a car for the weekend and
therefore don't expect to miss any of the roundhouse or event coverage
for Saturday or Sunday.


I was hoping for some kind of reply to my email about seeking funding
for getting and giving back Thomas passenger cars somehow. You folks
need to understand that I am literally one person away from Bill Gates,
though my preferred approach would be through a second person who also
knows the first person.

Why should Gates care about Mike McCarthy? Answer, when Gates was 14 he
was earning money as a programming consultant at Ten Time in Seattle, a
major DECsystem-10 time sharing account. Gates remarked more than once
that COBOL was his favorite programming language. Well, folks, my wife maintained the COBOL compiler that Gates used, and while she
doesn't specifically recall speaking with him or receiving mail from
him, if Gates ever submitted a COBOL problem report by phone or mail my
wife would have handled it, given him a workaround and scheduled the
problem for repair in a future release of COBOL. This is just the kind
of tug on the Memory Lane heartstrings that is likely to get Gates'


The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation would not fund any CRRM stuff --
at least I don't think so unless Gates wanted to dip into his personal
pocket, the reason being that the Foundation is chartered to work in the
areas of world hunger, world disease and so on.

However ...

Gates and his wife know everybody and they are likely to say "Here are
five people you should try. Yes, the museum may say that it is calling
at the suggestion of Bill (or Melinda) Gates" ... and that name will
open any door, I'm sure including Jeff Bezos of Amazon, who is funding
the Clock of the Long Now and other exotic projects.


The person I know is Dave Cutler, the architect and development manager
for every serious version of Windows beginning with Windows NT and
running through Windows XP SP2. Cutler today is a Microsoft Research
Fellow and is allowed to do whatever he wants. Gates hired him on the
spot in 84, I think it was, when Cutler flew out to Redmond from DEC in
Maynard to explain why he wanted to leave DEC, join Microsoft, and do
the definitive heavy duty personal computer operating system. Cutler
did a pitch, Gates and his management team were overwhelmed by the scope
of Cutler's vision, and the rest is history. In a nutshell, Cutler
reverse engineered the VAX operating system he had done at DEC,
improving it greatly.

Cutler and I were drinking buddies at DEC in Massachusetts, we attended
the same parties when VAX was being developed, and he will certainly
remember me though he may not consider me significant, which is why the
approach to Cutler should be made through a mutual friend, Richie Lary,
who was generally considered to be the most brilliant technical mind at
DEC, and whom Cutler greatly respects.

I haven't seen Cutler since we moved to Colorado in 78, but I've seen
Richie much more recently, we used to do white water rafting together
(and performed a Colorado River rescue at Rifle), and we used to go on
various adventurous car trips together. I'm fairly sure that Richie
still lives in the Springs and would be receptive to coming up to the
museum to see what's going on. (He's a techie like me with broad


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